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Why read the research

IT leaders have stepped forward during the COVID-19 crisis, taking a leading role in ensuring business continuity and demonstrating just how pivotal technology will be to ongoing competitiveness. Boards and CEOs have recognised the importance of IT and employees have shown willingness to adapt to change almost overnight. So what’s next?

Together with independent research agency ADAPT, we’ve analysed research involving over 200 IT and business leaders across Australia and New Zealand to understand how they are driving change in their organisation, and the common challenges encountered along the way.

This report offers new insights on how organisations can build a powerful business strategy combined with a resilient and secure IT strategy, based on agile and nimble processes. Learn how priorities are shifting, barriers being overcome, and what possibilities are perceived in the new IT-led normal.

There are three critical areas for IT and business leaders to RE:IMAGINE:

  • RE:IMAGINE WORK: supporting a secure and adaptive work environment
  • RE:IMAGINE EFFICIENCY AND OPTIMISATION: establishing a smart, simplified and secure IT network
  • RE:IMAGINE PERFORMANCE AND SCALABILITY: delivering high performing, reliable digital experiences

Key findings in this report

Insights from our investigation with ADAPT show that digital transformation built on the foundation of security, data and cloud infrastructure will remain the key to organisational growth and diversification.

  • How CIOs have successfully steered their teams to deliver on the technology promise at a crucial time
  • Key steps to secure the new workplace and deliver an agile, trusted working environment
  • Approaches to tackle new cost imperatives, alongside how to navigate pressure to reposition the business for recovery and growth
  • The opportunity for CIOs to leverage the current situation and the trust they have gained from their organisation to make critical, incremental changes to aged IT systems and processes

About ADAPT:

ADAPT delivers objective research, peer insights and local data points on essential IT and business issues to help business and IT teams formulate tactics, strategic plans and benchmarks to execute on business outcomes.

RE:IMAGINE your IT business continuity

Explore insights from over 200 IT leaders across ANZ.

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