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I have seen so many customers impacted by the COVID-19 crisis and I know how tough it’s been with the stress this pandemic has placed on your people and your business. The word ‘unprecedented’ is enjoying unprecedented popularity for a very good reason; there’s virtually no other way to describe the difficulties we’ve all had to face.

One of the positive aspects of this experience has been in the feedback from our Account and Service Delivery Managers on the willingness of Harbour IT customers across the board to engage in transparent communications as we worked to mitigate service disruption, and the ability to adjust to some pretty inventive new ways to work. It’s easy to talk about partnerships when everything is sailing smoothly but I have been so pleased to see these partnerships flourish under such extreme pressure.

I am extremely proud of my team and the dedication they showed to keeping your business top-of-mind. Harbour IT came together and managed some impressive feats to mitigate disruptions and recover delivery within days, despite the ripple effect of lockdowns and restrictions around the globe.

The accepted wisdom is that these restrictions are set to be the new normal for at least the next few months. It’s good to see Government leaders beginning to address the impact on businesses with some decent support programs but it also means we all need to change our thinking and prepare for how we exit the lockdowns. We have done the work on this front, so I can say with confidence that Harbour IT is in a strong position to deliver great outcomes for our customers.

It’s remarkable to see entire workforces pivot to working from home in such a short timeframe; proving the value of remote work as a whole and as an essential element of business continuity plans. Combining strong tools and core support with a rich remote experience has been a key part of our own quick recovery, and that of our customers grappling with work-from-home complexities on a large scale for the first time. Looking to the road ahead, we’re working with industry experts on a range of virtual measures to boost team productivity, communication, trust and cohesion.

Our team of solutions experts have also developed a pandemic planning IT checklist, to help customers get ahead of issues and become more proactive than reactive. Covering everything from infrastructure, security, and end-user support, this resource will draw on our experience so far to help you evaluate your current plans and prepare for the coming months.

Finally, for our customers flooded with IT support requests due to remote workforce increases, our rapid-scaling IT service desk has eased the pressure and let them get back to business-critical functions.

These are just some of the measures we’re putting in place to give our customers the peace of mind needed to work through this crisis. Equally important as sharing our own plans, is listening to your experiences and learning more about what you need. If there is anything more we can do to support you, I strongly encourage you to reach out to me or my team.

Above all I want to thank you for your support of our business throughout these challenging times. My commitment is that we will continue to show up just as powerfully for you, putting everything we have into intensifying the strength of our partnership.

Kind regards,

Luke Clark

Chief Executive Officer
Canon Business Services (Converga and Harbour IT)